Our Services


Welding & metal shaping

  • We provide professional welding for our projects, mainly inert gas procedures but also old school welding methods.
  • The guarantee of our long lasting welds is ensured by the 15 yrs welding experience with TUV certification for all the welding processes as we use professional welding generators
  • The metal shaping section of our shop is the part where the metal is tamed: by constant beating on the sand bag, wheeled on the English wheel, shrinked and stretched put thru different dices. A long and painful process for the sheet of metal and also for the worker. But with passion and dedication we are able to shape the plain sheet of metal in different, fascinating products.


  • Even thou steel is out favorite material, wood is the most spectacular material we’ve ever worked with. Oak is our favorite essence. Is a strong fiber, so hard to manual finish or engraving, but we take every object we fabricate as a new challenge.
  • We use the natural fiber of massive, hand finished wood to add warmth to the old unfinished steel. We can use some other massive, natural essences, single fiber or multi-fiber for counter tops, table tops, chairs and shelves.
  • We also provide different finishes for our wood products, manually or machined finishes
paint shop

Paint shop

  • For the best quality and longstanding products we chose hardwood and steel, but we also have to provide the best anti-corrosive protection and paint.
  • Depending on your project, you can have at your disposal the whole color spectrum for your custom paint job
  • We blast, we seal, we paint, we powder-coat, we spend hours applying worn out patina to finally obtain that vintage industrial and authenticity of our products.
custom projects

Custom projects

  • If you have an idea, or you are inspired by an online photo and want to bring it to life, you are in the perfect place. You may check our custom projects performed so far
  • Just send us an email with your idea and we’ll reply as soon as posible